Group Fitness

I teach group fitness classes at The Assembly in San Francisco.

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Strength training.

For women, by women

I have the honor of teaching strength training classes twice a week at The Assembly. These classes use kettlebells and bands to build strength through time based intervals. No experience necessary and the class can be catered to ALL levels. I offer modifications to make the exercises as challenging or as easy as you need on that day.

Come prepared to find out what your body can do in a safe and comfortable space. Men are allowed and encouraged to attend.

The Assembly.

The Assembly is a wellness oriented community space located in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District. It is a place where women from all walks of life join together to connect, collaborate, sweat, and engage.

The unique space has been created in a loving way with attention to detail and the fitness studio is no exception. You’ll squat, curl, and deadlift in an inviting room with top of the line equipment, accent lighting, a killer sound system, and air purifying plants. This is truly a place like no other.

Come sweat with me.

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