The Body Love Blueprint

A 12-week week group coaching course to re-write your food story, increase your body confidence, and make peace with your plate.


What is it?

Imagine a world where you feel completely free. Free from hiding your body because it’s not “perfect.” Free from trying and failing at diet after diet. Free from the stress and anxiety you feel around wearing a bathing suit in public. Free from counting, tracking, and weighing your food to know what to eat.

Freedom is possible.

The Body Love Blueprint is a 12-week group coaching program that gives you the roadmap to change your relationship with food and rewrite your body story. I will guide you step-by-step as you learn about and implement proven strategies and techniques rooted in psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, Intuitive Eating, and Health at Every Size while submersed in a supportive and loving community of women.

Who is it for?

The Body Love Blueprint is for anyone feeling stuck in their relationship with food and body. It is for anyone who knows there is a life beyond worrying about their weight, how many calories they consume, and sticking to their rigid workout program.

The Body Love Blueprint is for you if you’ve tried this whole “self-love thing” and still just can’t seem to move the needle when it comes to accepting your body. Telling yourself you’re beautiful in the mirror only works so well. There are deeper layers to uncover and thought patterns to dissect in order to actually create lasting change.

The Body Love Blueprint is for you if you’re ready to stop obsessing over your food and body and create a life you’re obsessed with.


How does it work?

The Body Love Blueprint is an online group coaching program designed to give you the support, guidance, and tools you need to leave dieting behind for good and come to a place of true body acceptance no matter where you are in the world.

What you get:

  • 10-30 minutes of weekly video lectures that you can watch at your own pace

  • Homework exercises and journal prompts to integrate the concepts we’re learning into your daily life

  • Resources to help enhance the learning experience

  • Private Facebook group filled with women who are committed to a life beyond dieting


The Body Love Blueprint has given me a whole new outlook on my relationship with food and my relationship to my body. I feel more confident making decisions about what works best for me and experimenting with different kinds of joyful movement such as dancing, yoga and strength training. I'm no longer stressing about counting calories or missing a workout. Most importantly, the program has given me an incredibly strong foundation to stand on and say "NO" to diets and diet culture so that I never get sucked into that roller coaster nightmare again. And if for some reason I do ever find myself slipping into old thinking patterns and habits, I know I can go back to this online program and rewatch each section and use the journaling prompts, as well as connect with my wonderfully supportive sisters in this program.


Kate and the Body Love Blueprint course have jumpstarted my body love journey and taken it places I couldn't imagine. I've been working on my body image for a bit, but before the course, I felt at a standstill and discouraged. I was looking for accountability (i.e., to make time to work on myself) and community, and I got that and more through the program. Kate is informative, encouraging and supportive; and her content, resources and tips are things I will continue to use in the future. Through this program, I have truly crossed a bridge and left diet culture on the other side. My initial feelings of discouragement before the program have transitioned to pride in myself and hope for the future.


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We start with the mind because all lasting change begins in the brain. In this section we uncouple our thoughts from our emotions, learn how to stop negative self talk in its tracks, and rewire our brains so we can end the harmful cycles that have been holding us back.

  • Diet Culture

  • Responding vs Reacting

  • Find Your Why

  • Negative Self Talk

  • The Voices in Your Head

  • Thought Patterns

  • Pattern Interrupt

  • The Freeze Frame Technique

  • Body Image 101

  • Beauty Ideals Throughout History

  • Your Body Story

  • Facing Your “Flaws”


From the mind we move onto the body and explore the mind/body connection while learning to move our bodies in ways that support and fulfill us instead of punish us.

  • Masculine vs Feminine Energy in Fitness

  • Joyful Movement vs. Exercise

  • The Many Faces of Fitness

  • Embodied You

  • The Nervous System

  • Chronic Stress + Dieting

  • Strategies for Stress Reduction


And finally we come to the juicy food section. Here we introduce Intuitive Eating and learn how to nourish ourselves from a mind, body and soul perspective.

  • Flexible Food Prep

  • Dining Out

  • Workout Eats

  • Diet Busting

  • The 10 Principles of Intuitive Eating

  • Gentle Nutrition

  • Macronutrients

  • Micronutrients

  • Metabolism