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So, what exactly is an Eating Psychology coach anyway?

As of Friday, October 19th, 2018 I am officially certified as an Eating Psychology Coach! Woo! So, now you may be wondering, what exactly is that??

            My eating psychology training gave me a different perspective on health and nutrition than I had received in any of my other fitness and nutrition courses. Instead of looking at diet and nutrition from an “eat this, not that” viewpoint, I’ve been trained to look into the why and how behind your food choices.

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Welcome to With Love, Kate

I remember a time when I was 15 and in recovery from my eating disorder. My therapist shared with me she didn’t think about how many calories were in her food when she ate. My jaw literally dropped. Fifteen-year-old me thought there was NO WAY I’d ever get to a point where I didn’t consciously or subconsciously count the calories of everything that went into my mouth, even if I tried. I know too much, I thought. I can’t un-know how many calories are in something, and I sure as hell will never un-care!!

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