So, what exactly is an Eating Psychology coach anyway?

As of Friday, October 19th, 2018 I am officially certified as an Eating Psychology Coach! Woo! So, now you may be wondering, what exactly is that??

My eating psychology training gave me a different perspective on health and nutrition than I had received in any of my other fitness and nutrition courses. Instead of looking at diet and nutrition from an “eat this, not that” viewpoint, I’ve been trained to look into the why and how behind your food choices.

My coaching goes beyond macro counts and serving sizes and dives into the fascinating physiological impact that thoughts, feelings and beliefs have on health and nutrition. I look at how factors such as stress physiology, eating speed, meal timing, mindfulness, body image, activity level and much more impact your digestion and influence your metabolism. It is so much more than calories in vs calories out.

With this type of training I can help you uncover the hidden messages buried in your food choices that can lead you to breakthroughs - allowing you to make peace with your plate once and for all. I’m trained to help you shift your mindset around food/body and tune into your own wisdom in order to help you find and stay at your natural weight. No counting. No measuring. No forbidden foods or guilt-ridden cheat meals. Everything stemming from a place of love, always.

Who is my coaching for?

Some of the main mind/body nutritional challenges I’m specifically trained to address are chronic dieting, binge eating, mindless eating, macronutrient imbalances, and poor body image/self esteem.  My coaching is also for you if you’re just plain confused about what to eat because of all of the conflicting nutritional messages that are constantly being thrown at you. 

With my approach, I don’t see your challenges as something “wrong with you” but simply as an opportunity to explore and go deeper. Diving into the “why”, bolstering body confidence, and learning to listen to your own body are the keys needed to set you up for long term, sustainable success and happiness.

So, if you’re tired of starting a new diet on Monday, battling with those last 5lbs, blankly staring at a menu sorting through “good” and “bad” options, feeling dissatisfied and disconnected with your body, constantly comparing yourself to other women, and slogging away on a treadmill at the gym, I get it and I’m here for you.

Are you ready to make peace with your plate and start loving the skin you’re in?

If you’re interested in setting up a free, no strings attached 30-minute Discovery Call to see if my coaching is right for you, feel free to message me at