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Hi, I'm Kate

I'm a body positive personal trainer and eating psychology coach dedicated to helping you create a life you're obsessed with instead of obsessing over your food and body. 


There is so much more to fitness and nutrition (and life!) than just calories in vs. calories out. Believe it or not, our thoughts and beliefs around food, our mood, life satisfaction, personal relationships, stress levels, and mindset all play into what you eat, how you move, and how your metabolism functions. Together we will work to challenge your existing thoughts around food, body, and fitness to discover the deeper meaning behind your eating challenges, all while creating a healthy mindset to get you where you want to go.



Your body is your best friend, and she is here to teach you everything you need to know about how to eat and how to move. Together we will tap into her wisdom to become your healthiest, strongest self. As a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor, I can create workout programs tailored to your body, help you explore new forms of movement, and teach you how to rest and recover - all individualized to your unique needs. It's time for you to love your reflection in the mirror, become your strongest self, and celebrate your glorious body every single day.

"As soon as I met Kate, I knew I had met a trainer who understood that spiritual health was just as important as physical health. Kate pushed me physically and mentally during every session. Her motto, ‘yes, you can’ still resonates in my mind on a daily basis! Yes, I can get up and go for a run. Yes, I can accept that my wrinkles are symbols of memories I have made. Yes, I can be a good mom today.  
I learned to appreciate what I have to offer on the inside and accept what I have been given on the outside.
She became not only my trainer, she became a great friend to me.  She has a unique way of connecting with people, and has a bright personality that just draws you in.  My spirit and body are forever transformed thanks to Kate." - Fernanda, personal training client


Using principals of Mind/Body Nutrition and Intuitive Eating, we will cultivate a healing relationship with food where you can find your body's natural weight where you thrive. Together we can work through emotional eating, binge eating, chronic dieting, compulsive eating, and digestive challenges. No tracking. No counting. No stressing. No dieting. Enjoy the food you eat - 100% guilt-free. 


Let's Talk. 

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